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Published 23 May 2022

Upcoming Events

  • Club Championship Competitions – This list has been put on the notice board, entries close 17th July. This is the competition that is divided into handicap groups and is ‘off the stick’ with winners in the top two groups being able to represent the club in the Champion of Champion event for the Wellington District. If you are not going to be at the club but wish to enter, please email Vicki Molenaar (Head of Tournament and Match) [email protected].

If you have any questions about the format or rules of any competitions feel free to speak with one of the Tournament and Match committee members, Vicki Molenaar, Suzie Cookson, Mel Walker or Stu Ingham. If they don’t know the answer they will know where to find it out.

  • Carrfields Cockies Classicthis was postponed from last Friday to this Friday the 27th May due to adverse weather. This is an invitation only tournament.

  • Stihl Tournament – This tournament has been withdrawn from the programme, the tournament committee is investigating options for a one day tournament in June / July

Recent Results & News

Keeper of The Greens – This was played on the 14th May club day with a field of 18 pairs Results are Best Net – and winner of the trophy – Don and Alistair Thomson – 55.2 Net, Second Net –Cheycoda Cocks and Becks (B1) O’Neale – 56.2 Net, Best Gross – Jeremy Freeth and Paul Coltart – 58. Unfortunately, Mel and Ash were unable to attend but wished us well and hopefully health will allow them to once again be a part of the day next year.

Farewell to Brian Bodle – a shared luncheon with a good turnout was held to farewell Brian on Sunday the 15th May. Brian’s move to town is the end of an era with no Bodle family members now resident at the beach, this has not happened since the inception of Riversdale Beach as a community resort. We thank him for all his involvement in the club and community and wish him well.

Olive Picking – held on 8 May, thanks to all those who turned out for the annual olive picking fundraiser. The Club wishes to thank Gus Blithe and his family for the opportunity and for being amazing hosts, approx 2 tonne of olives were picked.

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Committee Meeting Update

Firstly, some sad news. Becs (B2) O’Neale, our Club Manager, has handed in her resignation effective as of the 24th June. The Committee are sad at this turn of events but thank Becs for all her hard work and enthusiasm over the years - we hope that the membership will join us in wishing her well as she returns to working as a full time travel broker based from home. Don't worry though, Becs assures us that she will still be a regular feature around the Club...just on the other side of the bar! Details will be communicated to the membership as the appointment committee finalises and advertises this position.

  • We have had a response from two club members interested in assisting us with photos for the website many thanks to T Wardle and Simon Hinkley. We look forward to some up to date images to admire. Credit to Simon Hinkly for the beautiful photo featured.

  • Dog Policy for the Club – we have updated our policy and it is attached as part of this update.

  • We are continuing to wait to get some finality of costs for the club house plans before distributing to the membership for discussion and input.

  • It has been noted that the recent opening of the Motor home park behind the church has meant an influx of casual green fee golfers, be sure to welcome them.

  • The new Heineken tap behind the bar has proven very popular, the lifting of all the COVID restrictions has seen the clubhouse have good numbers again and thankfully reduced our staffing wage bill!